About Property+

With Property+, you can manage all kinds of properties – villas, apartments, independent houses, residential buildings, commercial plots and shops.

Manage properties smartly with a one-stop platform that caters to individuals, owners, tenants, agencies, and companies. An easy-to-use and self-managing application that takes up the entire managerial task of maintaining the properties- both residential and commercial.

Unique Features

Meet the best Property Management System in the Middle East and UAE. Our real estate management solution frees you from the administrative labor associated with property rentals & sales by complete process automation.

Different User Panel

Our system has different user panels for tenants, owners, and brokers. Hence a hassle-free experience for all.

Customizable Application

We can customise our Property Management System based on your requirements and specifications.

Simple & Easy to use

Easy categorization like which are listed, scheduled for view, booked, and sold. Get a flawless experience with us.

Property+ Services

Property+ system services are built to suit you! Automate processes and increase work performance with us.

Property Management

Property+ helps real estate managers and owners streamline their rental operations, from tracking leases, residents, and maintenance tasks, capturing potential leads to lease signing.
The system can assist you in attracting, screening, and managing tenants, as well as responding to their maintenance needs and accounting for all of the associated costs and revenue.

Lead Management

Lead management helps property owners qualify incoming leads, analyze and nurture them so that they can be converted into new opportunities.
Property+'s lead management database keeps all your leads in one centralized, customizable, and easy-to-use platform.

Tenant Management

Property+ offers effective and secure storage of documents for every tenant and property. You will be able to safely access digital copies of these documents whenever you wish.
Store tenant data, company information, personal documents, contact information, upcoming payments, and bank accounts easily on one portal.

Lease Contract Management

Save time by making lease contracts on your dashboard. Property+ allows to set contract starting and ending dates, assign a customer and leased unit, set prices for various services, etc.
No need to run around for any contract and set reminders on the contract expiration date. Save all your contract-related documents in one place.

Revenue Management

To make the best choices when it comes to setting rent rates and collecting rents and earning due revenue, access to real-time information is key. Revenue management allows property owners to adopt a data-driven approach to decisions on what to sell them at.
It is a way of ensuring that informed decisions are made that drive your revenue upwards.

Employee Management

Property+ gives you a detailed insight into employees' productivity and daily activities.
We help you in managing all employee information in a centralized database, monitoring your employees, time tracking, task assignment, etc.,

Property+ Benefits

Centralized Facility Management Software with Mobile-Ready features.
Automate Facilities Management Governance with Property+ System.

Faster Implementation

Jump-start your business automation while eliminating time delays.

Highly Secure

Our entire gamut of offering undergoes rigorous development and quality cycles and thus provides impeccable security.

Proven Reliability

Our large clientele base success stories speak of our success. Our successful partnership seals our reliability quotient.

Mobile Application

We have a Mobile Application that works as a mode of transparent communication between the property owners and tenants. Our application is available for both Android and iOS.

Happy Clients Feedback

Property+ has a smooth interface that is very easy to use.

I can keep all my tenant records in one place without any hassle.

The system sends me reminders to collect the rent. I am very happy after using Property+.
Mr. Mohamed Alkhazraji

Property Consultant

Property+ has made my life so easy.

The system makes it possible to systemize the lease units, lease contracts, monthly maintenance, generating invoices and bills.

I feel safe and secure while using this Property+.
Mohammed Abdul

Marketing Head

Before we started using the Property+, we kept everything in Excel spreadsheets.

It was really time-consuming. Now when we're using Property+, things like calculating management fees are a snap.

Now I can't imagine running our property management division without it.
Ms. Muna Nitham Dereieh

Senior Consultant